Minimum Overhead, Maximum Benefit

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The Terry Fox Foundation requires no minimum donation to participate in the Terry Fox Run, no specific directions on how to fundraise or how to move along the five or 10-kilometer route. You’re free to take part your own way. In fact, I was running an extra 5 kilometre loop (optional) when this picture of my team was taken.

Indie 88.1 provided the sweet tunes for the High Park run. Participants walked their dogs, walked themselves, and ran hard, jogged, cycled, or strolled their way to the finish. Volunteers gave out baked goods, and the good men and women of ICT Kikkawa College provided massages afterward.

It’s an uplifting way to spend the day, part of a truly Canadian nationwide event, truly inspired by a real Canadian superhero. My friend Dom Hanlon wrote a great article that you can read here on the life of Terry and what it means. (Team leader Dom bears a tattoo on his right leg of a running Terry Fox). The story he wrote, which I originally received via email was what convinced me to support the Terry Fox Foundation.

In 1981, Terry said, “Even if I don’t finish, we need others to continue. It’s got to keep going without me.”

Maybe the best thing about the Terry Fox Run is all the good vibes it generates. This event will go on, even when we find a cure for cancer because the Terry Fox story is timeless.

Thank you for your support. As a result of your donation, I’ve raised over $4000 thus far for the Terry Fox Foundation and the Princess Margaret Foundation, with proceeds invested in cancer research and palliative care.

Of the 12 Terry Fox Runs across the city, running at High Park was the easy choice. It was the location of the City of Toronto high school cross country meets where my Dad cheered me on. He also taught me how to give a proper handshake around that time.

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