Bob Marley (1945-1981)

“If I was educated, I’d be a damned fool”

The son of a black woman and a white man, Bob Marley created music with broader perspective that had greater impact upon the world than the music of other popular artists of the 20th Century.

His contribution lay in furthering the notion that music can open minds and affect the social and political landscape. Sometimes speaking out against authority is exactly what progress demands. Through the power of a transcendent melody and lyrics, clear conviction, and an undeniable voice, Marley brought truth to power and good vibrations to the world.

When race-relations were especially tense, Marley’s bi-racial heritage, anti-establishment bent, and philosophy of one love, reminded people of all generations, from Africa to the Caribbean, from Chile to the United States, that status quo was not good enough and a more equitable world awaited. Refusing to accept spoon-fed notions from illegitimate powers is an essential step to racial equality, as well as greater personal freedom.

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